Web Design Rates

Home Page $120.00 For the first (Home) page, includes simple navigation to other pages on site.
Web Page $90.00 For each simple/normal web page. Includes simple formatting and several links.
Web Extra $??.00 Cost for design of web page(s) beyond a simple web page. The cost varies depending on the work involved.
Graphic $90.00 For each simple/normal picture/graphic to put on web page. This includes cropping, reformatting to make web compatible and inserting into web page.
Graphic Extra/Flash $??.00 Cost beyond basic (simple/normal) picture/graphic work. The cost varies depending on the work involved.
Advanced Navigation $200.00 Advanced Navigational buttons that have 3 states (actions).
Guest Book $90.00 Install Guest Book including Form and CGI/ASP Script*
Java Script $90.00 Install JavaScript Code*
CGI Script $90.00 Install a simple CGI Script*
ASP Script $90.00 Install a simple ASP Page/Script.*
Basic Labor Rate: ( hourly )
Because the web has endless possibilities and forever changing we offer low labor rates by the hour should you want something that is not listed above.

HTML/Most Graphic Work $60.00/hr.
CGI, ASP, JavaScript Programming $75.00/hr.
Access, SQL (dB) $90.00/hr.
*This is an existing code/component that we install in your web page(s). This cost does not include buying or licensing any 3rd party code/component, i.e. your cost may be more.